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FEAR is an inevitable part of the human experience and moving beyond it, is probably the biggest common denominator across all spiritual teachings. We are hard wired to experience fear but our natural and rational fight or flight response that keeps us safe from harm, has run wild, leaving many of us crippled by irrational fears, that unconsciously influence our day to day choices and prevent us from moving towards our souls deepest desires and the life of our wildest dreams.


It is not only fear itself that causes us to suffer, but more often, our resistance to it and our inability to meet our fears fully, so that we can consciously move beyond them. But what if our fears are not to be feared and are solely there to serve us in our evolution? To act as an opportunity for growth, a call to continuously move beyond where we are, so we can realise more and more of our infinite potential and true nature? But also because if we didn’t experience fear, how could we experience love?


I invite you to join me on this exploration, as I guide you through a Sattva Yoga Journey, combining ancient Tantric practices, rarely found in the west today. In this unique experience expect to delve within, as you move through Meditation, Pranayama (breath-work), Kriyas (energy-work), Mantra, Ecstatic Dance, Vinyasa Flow and Group/Partner work. All seamlessly woven to create a transcendental journey for healing, transformation and self-discovery, in a safe, held and sacred space.


You will move through specific practices designed to heal and balance the Muladhara Chakra (seat of fear) whilst awakening your Kundalini Shakti (dormant life force energy) opening the potential to unblock any suppressed emotions or trauma held here and in your cells bio-memories. Allowing you to release experiences and stories of the past, limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and your deepest fears. Awakening your true nature, the fearless, indestructible, infinite and timeless Self.


This journey is for anyone who’s ready to dive deep into their fears, so that they can rise higher into the state of unconditional love. Come and move beyond who you think you are, to discover who you truly are. So that you can reclaim your authentic power and start living the liberated life, that is your birthright.


This journey will end with a sharing circle, tea and home-baked vegan treats. The perfect opportunity to express, connect and support each other in this sacred dance of life. I cant wait to share this evening with you.


There are limited spaces and booking is required.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS £25 when booked before 11th of October /

£30 thereafter.