Weekly Classes on Hastings Pier

Join me for an outdoor Sattva Yoga class on Hastings Pier every week between July 6th and 23rd of September.



Breathwork, Kriya + Meditation ~ 8.30 - 9.30am ~ £7

{Catch the rising sun as you're guided through a combination of seated Himalayan breath-work, Kriya, Meditation and gentle movement to still the mind, stabilise the nervous system, increase vitality, ground your energy and connect to the elements of nature. The perfect way to start the week with deep clarity of intention}.


Sattva Warrior Flow 9 - 10.15 am ~ £8

{An activating practice to awaken the warrior within through Himalayan breath-work, Kriya and Vinyasa Flows. To open and energise the body, still the mind, release tension, expand awareness and bring the body, mind and soul into a deeper state of unity. The perfect mid-week boost to increase vitality, strength and will power, on all levels of your being}.


Sattva Yoga Journey 9 - 10.30am ~ £9

{A dynamic and invigorating journey, that seamlessly guides you through a combination of activating and cleansing Breathwork, Kriya and Vinyasa flows. This is an integrated yoga practice that aims to cleanse, awaken and balance on all levels of the mind, body and soul. Inviting you to find dynamic stillness, the merging of consciousness and energy, so you can arrive into a deeper state of unity. Each weeks journey will have a specific evolutionary intention/theme, guided to meet the needs of the students in each space and time. This is the ideal class to take you on a journey within, to awaken the deepest expression of who you are}.

(no Saturday class on 25th of July or 29th of August)

Class Info:

  • Due to Covid19 restrictions classes are currently limited and advance online booking is essential.

  • All classes are weather permitting, should a class be cancelled you will instead be sent a link for zoom.

  • Classes will take place either: 1) On the central raise platform in the middle of the Pier 2) On the left hand side of the Pier towards the end or at the beginning between the huts (depending on the weather).

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the class start time to ensure you can find the location.

  • Please bring your own mat, cushion and water with you.

I can't wait to see you on the mat soon!

Big big love! 


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