You Already Are

Welcome, I'm Roxy and I'm so happy that you landed here today, because there really are no coincidences in this life. Maybe you landed here because you've been wondering, who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose? Or because you have itchy feet in your current job and are feeling unfulfilled and those little inner niggles you used to ignore are getting stronger by the day. Or maybe something just feels off, like you've 'lost' your way. You may even already be on the spiritual path but have hit a road block in your healing and have reoccurring obstacles you just can't seem to shift, however much you want to, you know, those karmic patterns, energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that just wont budge? Or you're 'ill' and have been left feeling frustrated because doctors have dismissed the possibility of healing and only offered medication to suppress your symptoms? Or you've landed in what seems like a major crisis and you don't know which way to turn, your riddled with anxiety or depression and the spring in your step has slowly faded and you don't even know how you landed here. Because you know, life just kinda happened and before you knew it, here you are...

I want you to know, that you're not alone. In fact, nearly every single person on the face of this planet has experienced some or many of the above, myself included. Which is exactly why I am here, doing what I do, in this life time today. After getting ill and having the world yanked from beneath my feet and landing amidst a physical, mental and emotional crisis in 2012, I finally surrendered because I had nowhere left to run...or should I say hide.

When not being yourself becomes unbearable. The discovery of Self becomes inevitable.-Roxy Bryant

What I now see as the biggest blessing in disguise I could have wished for, at the time felt very different. The universe shook my world so hard, that I was forced to start listening and it finally had my attention. After being offered no explanation or cure from Doctors, just medication to suppress & manage my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Hormonal Imbalances, IBS, Food Intolerances and a wide range of unexplainable symptoms, that appeared literally overnight. Along with the depression, anxiety and OCD that came with it, I refused and decided to embark on my own healing journey.

Whilst there really is no beginning or end, as I know that lifetimes, upon lifetimes have bought me to this very moment. It was the mission I set out on to heal my physical body, that birthed my spiritual awakening, after a profound Shamanic Healing in 2012. It helped me heal some trauma from my past, that had been suppressed for years. Whilst I had been getting increasingly aware of my behavioural patterns and the role the mind plays in shaping our reality, in the years previously, it was this healing, that cracked me open to the world of spirit, energy and consciousness. Although I'd previously thought I was more than just a body and mind, I left with a deep knowing in my heart and for the first time in years, it was like I'd come home.



This birthed a new awareness on the impact of our suppressed experiences and emotions on our health, which initiated a deep journey of self-discovery, that went far beyond treating the physical symptoms I was experiencing, yet ended up being the very thing that finally enabled me to do so. This completely shifted my perspective on what it truly means to heal, so although I was physically cured in under 2 years, the healing hasn't stopped. As multifaceted beings, I've experienced first hand, that in order to truly heal, a holistic and integrated approach that acknowledges all of the mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of well-being, is essential. I have explored a wide range of ancient spiritual traditions, consciousness and healing modalities, but my training and practice lies primarily in Shamanism, Meditation, Sattva Yoga and Energy Healing. Because after learning that optimal health, is a reflection of the unity between our mind, body and soul with everything in existence and that our experience of life, is a direct reflection of the state of consciousness we inhibit, I realised our capacity to heal, is truly infinite.

Whilst curing the 'incurable' and continuously moving in the direction of love, I have learnt a whole lot about this crazy thing called life. But one specific thing time and time again, is that everything we seek, we already are and at the very root of all our suffering, is the absence of love, which is essentially, a disconnect from our true self and authentic nature. It was this realisation and the visceral knowing of Self, beyond the body and mind, that pushed me to give up my successful 10 year dance career to embrace what I came here to do. Guide others on their healing journeys, by supporting them to continuously move beyond fear, face their shadow, drop into silence, ravel in the unknown, surrender to the experience, trust their intuition and let the fire of their soul lead the way, as they stomp, shake, dance, roar, scream and cry towards liberation. The liberation that exists right here, right now, in every moment that we choose to rise up and meet it. This gift of life, exactly as it is, as we are in all moments. Because the only person who can, is us, which is the most liberating realisation of all. Nothing and no-one outside of you can and the moment we drop the 'victim' mentality that breeds separation and the isolated sense of self, we begin to take back, piece by piece the innate healing power, wisdom and truth, that resides in each and every one of us.



This is the underlying essence of my work, which is deeply rooted, not in providing you with my answers, but in holding space and creating the visceral experiences that allow you to find your own. So following the call that runs deep through my veins, I am completely devoted to serving the evolution of anyone who is ready to show up for themselves fully. To heal their wounds, reclaim their innate power, return to their wild heart and remember who they truly are. So they can move beyond the limitations of the body and mind, to  express their authentic nature into the world and start living the awake, miraculous, purposeful and divine life, that is their birth right.

Underneath the masks. Come home, whispers the Self.

-Roxy Bryant

Every time you validate your bullshit. You throw away your power.-Roxy Bryant

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